Day 15 MPC: Self Portrait...

9:13 PM

This was me today.
I felt tired but happy and positive.
Tired because I have been going to bed too late but happy cos I have lots of good things on the go at the moment. Last night I headed out with the boss' wife to book club. It was a great night out for me without the kids. Something I will look forward to each month for sure!
Yesterday, I also joined an online course by Ali Edwards called '31 Things'! I was abit nervous to do it as I have never done an online course and I wasn't sure I would be able to keep up. But after signing up and checking out all the info, I am really pumped and eager to get started.

Activities today included:
*baking some banana muffins
*hanging out washing
*sorting photos on computer
*we had our lights and fan replaced in the bathroom today so now we have our fan back after it being broken for about 3 weeks.

But a real highlight for the day was that bubba turned 11 months old and she took 5 steps toward me today. She was playing with a kitchen drawer, saw me across the way, let go and took a few steps like she had been doing it forever. The rest of the day she has reverted back to crawling everywhere, I think it's the quickest and preferred method of travel for her at the moment. But bit by bit, she is progressing. My little bubba is growing up to fast.
But don't they all.

Any way that is my Self Portrait for today.
How was your day? Anything exciting happen?

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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