Day 29 MPC: Together...

11:24 PM

There is an old phrase that I am sure we have all heard...


And it is still true!
When we put our heads together - ideas are born. When we link hands - the load is shared. If we come together - CHANGE CAN HAPPEN!

When seeing today's prompt, my mind automatically flicked to the many causes and charities out there that are formed with the idea of making a difference. But in order to do that, they need the help and good will of everyone one else TOGETHER - including you and me - to give their cause a chance.

I thought I would mention a few causes that have caught my attention lately that I would love to contribute to and hopefully maybe spur you in their direction too.


Foundation 18 - Cate Bolt
This organisation aims to improve the quality of life of orphaned & underpriveleged children; providing education and a safe environment in which to learn and grow. It was established by a remarkable Australian woman - humanitarian and conservationist, Cate Bolt.
They have an Etsy shop!
All proceeds of the shop go entirely towards running their orphanage in Indonesia & towards education outreach programs ensuring Third World children receive an education.

This organisation runs an additional campaign which supports this cause also, which is called...

The Giving Bowl - Cate Bolt
This is an international campaign for incidental altruism.
They also have an Etsy shop which sells beautiful manually felted wool bowls. The concept behind the shop is simply to buy a bowl, throw in your loose spare change each day and when it's full - donate to a worthy cause. But this is only one option - they would also be great for keys, jewellery, storage for any crafty knick knacks, etc, etc.
Each bowl purchase also benefits disadvantaged children in Indonesia.

But it doesn't stop there.
Cate's 8 year old daughter also runs an Etsy shop to support a cause called...

Planet You
All money raised through this store goes to funding microloans so women in developing countries can start or grow their own business.

I saw an ad for this next cause and was instantly intrigued so just HAD to look it up...

5cent - YGAP
YGAP is a not-for-profit organisation aiming to redefine how people contribute to change.
5cent is a creative fundraising initiative where they are seeking your spare change. On its own, 5 cents doesn't hold much value BUT with 150million dollars worth in circulation, collectively they can create lasting change. And this organisation is aiming to change the lives of people living in disadvantaged communities, both in Australia and abroad.

Have you seen the movie Taken starring Liam Neeson. It is a compelling, somewhat disturbing, story based around human trafficking and forced prostitution. If you are a father, or just a parent full stop really, this movie would stir something in you for sure! Well, it did for hubby and I.
It got me thinking of times when I was in school and at church, where people came and talked about these issues and the causes that were out there to stop these events from happening or to save some of these girls (and boys) from slavery.
Here is one...

The A21 Campaign
Targeting Human Trafficking.
Abolishing Injustice in the 21st Century.
Their aim is to Prevent, Protect, Prosecute, and Partner in order to combat this very serious injustice to many humans.

These are all causes that I have tagged and favourited and aim to get more involved in and contribute to. So you will most likely hear more about some or all of these at a later date. I shall keep you posted!
One last thing...
I got a parcel in the mail today from my dear family in Tassie. One of the things Mum had popped in there was a magazine she thought I'd be interested in. She thought RIGHT! I flipped to a page and this popped out at me...
It seems a small thing to do but it DOES help disadvantaged children and it only takes a moment to upload a photo of your smiley child to their Facebook page. So go to Colgate Australia's Facebook page HERE and start uploading!!

So there you have it.
Hope you can get on board and help out at least ONE of these causes.
I know I am!


With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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