Day 8 MPC: Every Morning...

8:45 PM

It would come as no surprise to most that every morning I...
{My morning glamour shot}
Wake Up!
Not necessarily willingly, but I do. Which I am thankful for - that I do actually wake up I mean! That's always a good thing.
Hubby is usually up and bustling around readying for work. He comes and kisses me goodbye and off he goes.

It's hard to stay asleep when this one nudges her way into bed beside you and squirms and chatters non-stop!
But I do get up - again, not always willingly but I do.
Slippers and dressing gown on (except in Summer when it can already be 30degs at 7am) and the next stop is...
getting this little bundle of cuteness out of bed and dressed for the day.
Seriously, it is such a delight to see this smiley face every morning when I go in and lift the blinds. She just sparkles with happiness and it is very contagious. And that face is soooo kissable :-)
Then the breakfast routine starts.
If you have been reading my blog every day during this photo challenge you would already know what I have for breakfast every morning. If not, you can find out here.
Every morning, I get Sprout's breakfast for her and she sits watching 'her channel' aka ABC2 whilst eating. I get my own and little Sparkle's breakfast ready and I always sit in the same spot on the couch to eat mine while I feed bubba hers (we don't have any stools for the breakfast bar yet. Grrr. It's on 'the list')!
I always (bar special circumstances) eat my brekkie in my pajamas. I don't know, but it's just the most comfortable way for me to start my day - eating my breakfast in my PJ's. Just sounds the norm to me!
What about you? Are you a PJ breakfaster or do you get dressed and ready first thing?

The rest of my morning is usually a flurry of getting dressed, doing the dishes, planning meals, straighten up beds. All that kind of thing.
Unless we are going to town or Playgroup, this is my usual every morning activities!
Every Tuesday and Friday morning, there is one extra activity thrown into the mix and that is having a walk down our driveway to the mailbox and see if anyone loves us. Hehe. I love mail days. The possibility of some happy mail is always exhilarating and even better when you actually do receive it!

Anyway, I strap bubba onto my chest in the baby sling thingy, take hold of Sprout's hand and off we go. It's quite a nice little jaunt down to the mailbox. And it gets us out into the fresh air and sunlight which is a good thing!

And that's all for now.
Thanks for dropping by. Please keep coming back. I enjoy your company :-)

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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  1. Good morning Anna! I am also a PJ breakfaster and either sitting on the lounge or standing at the kitchen bench. Cute Pj's!

    1. Thanks Deb. My littlest sister gifted them to me. She's got good taste. Hehe. It's funny, my lunch is usually eaten standing at the bench and my tea is eaten either/or (ya know - due to the no-bar-stools situation)!! Thanks for commenting. I love hearing what ppl think and answering the questions I ask!


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