Day 27 MPC: Looking Out...

9:45 PM

Today was all about LOOKING OUT at the world around me and seeing what my life is filled with.

We all got up this morning and rushed around getting dressed and ready to go to town. We had decided that we would go to church today. We haven't been for over 2 years now and thought, since we live closer to town, we should start finding some place we would like to attend more regularly. It has always been about travel issues which is slightly easier now being closer so we will see how we go.
Whilst getting dressed, Sprout came to me like this...
A different way of looking out of her top, she exclaims -
"I'm a 'tato!"

Most of the church services in town start at 9:30am but we were running abit late so were thankful that one of the churches we wanted to check out started at 10am so we made it to there!
Looking out from my seat in church, I saw these signs on the wall.

After church, we had Macca's for lunch and took a stroll along the foreshore.
Looking out from her pram, Little Sparkle could see her Daddy and big sister taking a paddle along the shoreline.
Then later on, both kids got to play!
Looking out my camera lens, I see this bundle of joyous cuteness!
Both girls got soaking wet so after we had cleaned the sand off and dried them off abit, we continued on our walk and stopped off at the bakery for a snack. Of course, Sprout chose to have JELLY!! That girl loves her jelly.
We headed back to the car but before heading home, we went and took a squiz at the beach along the Ocean Drive.
Looking out my car window was this view...
I never tire of looking out over these ocean views and taking in the beauty!
Looking out on my WHOLE day, it has been one of beauty and wonder.
Family, Laughter and Sunshine. How much better could it get!?!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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