Day 13 MPC: Mothers Day...

12:12 AM

Well, the title says it all.
Today was Mothers Day!
I wish I could say it has been one of the best days, like alot of people have been saying, but in all honesty - for me it wasn't. I could lie but that would not be me. It has just been an ordinary run-of-the-mill kinda day for me.
But that is not what I want to focus on. There were good things. I DID get a present...

I was hoping to get a sleep-in (like most mothers do) but as you can see from this photo, it's still a little bit dark when it was taken...6:21am is when I heard Sprout's excited voice echo through my ears "Mum, here's your present, here's your present". So I wearily sat up, got a hug and with hubby looking on, I opened my present. Which was...
A very colourful set of steak knives!
But there is another good thing...
I looked up and saw hubby scoffing something down off his plate and said "What are you eating?" to which he replied with a smile, "Bacon and Eggs. Yours is in the oven. Did you want it now or later?"
I decided to have it right then and there.
So he brought it in, kissed me goodbye and headed off to work.
Trying to shake off the feelings of lonely and sad cos hubby had to work, I smiled at Sprout and I began to eat. She chattered away while pinching bits of bacon off my plate. It was quite cute and amusing really.
{Breakfast in Bed}
{Leftover Lasagna from last night for lunch}
{My Chicken Parmigana with chips and coleslaw for dinner}

Hubby got home at 5:30pm and I cooked my chicken parmigana for our tea, whipped up a coleslaw and baked some chips. Of course, it was delicious as usual. HeHe.
Then, I had some play time with the girls in the lounge room.
 Today, both girls had runny noses and were coughing and sneezing everywhere so that didn't add to the day very well, plus I was also very tired and not 100% either. But here, I managed to get Sprout laughing but little Sparkle was much more interested in my mouth, or wanting to play with my necklace or her sister's hair! Ahh, that's my kids!
In reality, I did have a good day. I managed to bake a batch of cookies and do some cleaning. I just had this nagging yucky feeling that I just couldn't kick. I'm blaming sickness. Not feeling well really plays with your emotions!!
There was also probably the fact that, again, I was away from MY mum. When we lived in Tassie, we would always get together on occasions such as this and celebrate. I guess it's why I have such high expectations and hopes for a day like Mothers Day. In the end, the events of today didn't match up to my ideals of Mothers Day which put a dampner on my mood I guess. It's kinda like when a new movie comes out and they pump it up so much that you have such a high expectation that it's going to be the movie of ALL movies - only when you DO watch it, your waiting, waiting, Waiting for the amazingness to blow you away...and it just doesn't.
Oh yes, there are highlights but it just doesn't hit the mark like it should have.
That kinda sums up my day. Lotsa things to be grateful for but not a STAND-OUT day.
Probably the highlight of my day, was to be able to Skype my precious Mum and family back in Tassie. Which leads me to how I want to end this post...
A Tribute to my Mum.

This is my Mumma.
An energetic, bright & bubbly woman with a servant heart. She does sooo much for our family. She is always just go, go, go!
She loves to cook fresh & healthy meals for her family, keeps her house clean and organised, and is usually always smiling or just has a happy expression. Oh don't worry, when she's grumpy, we know it!
My Mum is a crafter. She sews. She knits. She has done scrapbooking and cardmaking, applique, stitching, cross-stitch - the list goes on.
When we were younger, Mum made alot of our clothes. So, in looking at some of the photos of my sisters and I as kids, you will find us in matching floral overalls OR same-print-different-colour flannelette pyjamas, OR polar-fleece jumpers in the same colour with all matchy matchy applique on them. LOL. I don't dislike this, I am just teasing. I like that Mum made do with what she had and used her talents in the process.
Some of my favourite moments with Mum are when we sit down with our knitting needles or whatever craft we are doing and just make a day of it. Knit, chat, drink coffee, knit (or craft) some more, eat yummy snacks. I love how on a cold, wintery night, we would pull out the Rice Bubbles and sit down to a bowl full with warm milk! Mmmm.
I love how excited Mum was when she found out I was going to make her a Gran. And there was no-one else I would have wanted in the delivery room with me (other than my hubby of course) than my Mum. She was such a great support person for both hubby and myself. Hubby was doing this for the first time too and he had no idea what he was doing either. So it was nice. And only natural for me to have her there. She saw ME become a Mum.
I admire Mum's strength. Days like today would be hard on people like my Mum, who have lost their Mum's. I know that Nan is missed and always in our thoughts. I know their are moments where Mum wishes her Mum was still around. But there were many Mothers Days we did have with Nan which we cherish. And she will continue to be remembered and celebrated.
I am so grateful for my Mum. And I miss her and my Dad and sisters so much. We are a very close knit family and enjoy each others company. It's hard to be apart on days like today.

Today I honour you.
You bore me,
You helped raise me,
You nurtered me into the woman I am today.
I love you forever.
Your eldest.

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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