Day 16 MPC: Black & White...

11:42 PM

In Black & White.
Well, the pictures are. But the events...pretty much all blotched with black!!
Man! It has been a huge, harrowing day! Sure, there are some moments I can salvage from it that tweak a smile but the rest...oh dear!
Please let me explain.
Today was town day. Everything started off ok. Abit slow but that is not too out of the norm, cos it takes me ages to get out the door for anything these days!
{Sprout with her hot chocolate for breakfast }
She seems so angelic here doesn't she!?!
We ended up leaving for town late morning.
Got the kids in the car. Grabbed a snack. And off we went.
For some reason, even though I know it will be an energy sapping day with two kids getting jobs done around different shops, keeping mouths fed, shopping for groceries - I still feel excited to have a day in town. This morning was no different. The hope of a great, fulfilling day was alive and well.
But as the day wore on...
We arrived in town.
And it all started from here.
Slowly at first.
First shop - ok. Played nicely with a magnetic dress up doll. Slight issue when she wanted to bring it home with her but we got through it.
It's should be pretty obvious by now which child I had big bungles with today. Little Sparkle, well, she sparkled like an angel. No problem at all.
Got to the post office. Off Sprout went. Wouldn't come when I called. Was trying to play chasings with a little girl around the shop. And asked probing questions to everyone she met there.
"What is your name?"
"What are you writing?"
"Lady, what are you doing?"
She is a very social, chatty little girl - which is fine. She just takes it a little far sometimes.
She is a very independent, strong-willed little girl - which in most part is also fine. But she exercises her own will over mine ALOT and that is very trying of my patience and pleasant demeanor!!
She is a very well mannered girl. Says please and thankyou. Offers to help if someone drops something or whatever. But she can backchat better than the worlds BEST backchatter!
I really should have stopped and went home. BUT I didn't of course. You see - I am stubborn as well. And I had jobs to do so I had to suck it up and see if it got better. Or worse.
Lunch: Chuck-a-tantrum-in-Dome time. Undesirable but manageable.
Toyworld: Time for a sword fight.
Toilet Stop: Now, I know it takes time to 'vacate-the-lot' but this was the world's longest poo session and my patience was wearing mighty thin!!
But wait, there's more...
I went to a second-hand store and we had had a little 'talk' before going in there and she said she understood.
She didn't.
Every where I go, people are always commenting on how cute, gorgeous, beautiful, lovely my kids are. (And there was still quite abit of that today I might add.) But in this particular shop, there was just myself and the kids and the shop man behind the counter. She kept wanting to talk to him but he was busy reading a book and seemed perturbed by the interruption. She decided to climb on everything and try everything on and disobey me at every cost!!
I was clueless as to what to do. I had talked at her all day, calmly speaking to her some times, and gruffly telling her off on other times.
Then the man speaks. To my little girl.
"You are wearing the friendship very thin, young lady!"
My heart plummets to the floor. And any shred of positivity, hope and happiness I had went with it!
My little girl has always been seen as 'a sweet little thing' even if she is a little naughty at times. And I know, today, she was completely uncontrollably devilish. But to hear those words from that mans mouth...[sigh]
You think I would have bailed and fled right then and there but, I paid for my goods and I had ONE more shop I needed to go to. So...
We hit Red Dot.
Instantly, Sprout found a giant Chuppa Chup and started knawing on the stick. She found a dustpan and brush, toted that around the shop - great big Chuppa Chup still dangling out of her mouth. I managed to get them all off her and headed to the counter, her prostrate on the floor wailing. But when I went to leave, she was gone again. Calling her name, I received a reply from a shop assistant.
"She is just down there. I just caught her squirting out the glue."
I'M SEEING RED. Firy dots are dancing across my sight. Quite applicable, considering where I am. Seeing RED and DOTs.
Our exit was not a pleasant one. My right hand trying to push a pram and balancing the few purchases I just made. In my other arm, a screaming child who still wants that enormous Chuppa Chupp.

Now, I am fairly easy going most of the time. I can tolerate quite abit.
But at this stage, I didn't know where up, down, left or right was. I needed to stop, put my girl down and breathe.
I rang hubby. And put him straight on to Sprout. She told him she had been naughty. Pfft. Nothing really come of that phone call but I just didn't know what to do.
I started walking to the car. And I cried all the way. Yep, I broke down. Totally unglued.
I had reached my limit.

And the day wore on much the same. Trying to control my wild child, while tending calmly to the angelic one!
The main reason for coming to town was to get groceries. We were running out of things at home and I desperately needed to stock up. And since I leave that till the last thing so I can take the cold items fairly much straight home, I STILL had to endure that.
So I battled through.
By the time we finished, it was tea time. So we went to MacDonalds.
She was starting to wind down at this point so she was getting a lot easier to handle. But I was tired, achy and in need of a massage! I had been stripped of all my energy, sapped of all my joy, and didn't feel I had much more good to give!
Town days.
I don't want another one like this.
What can I do?
I have tried everything. Growling. Calmly reasoning. Punishment.
And, uh-oh, the now-almost-taboo, smacks.
She doesn't seem to learn.
How do I make her learn? And make her the pleasant, well-mannered girl that she is the majority of the time, ALL the time?
Am I alone? Cos today, I felt like I was in the wilderness. In a dry desert, thirsty for a solution. Forget the people around, they were just cactii.
I was empty and torn. This girl that I love with such intensity, just shattered my good graces all over the town.
And this little cherub. Well, I've already said. And the picture just confirms.

They both pooped it in the car. Quiet trip home. Was glad to get home.
Everyone settled down. Got into our groove again.
It all just seemed like a bad dream really.
And I'll go back to town. With the kids. Ever the Optimist.
Glutton for Punishment really.
Hmmmph. What a day!
Maybe I should think of putting them into care while I get the town stuff done??
What do you think?
I am desperate for help.
I am not really alone in these experiences am I? I know I can't be.
Tell me your story :-)

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...(cos the sun still shines, even when your having a black and white day)


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