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Hi there friends!
Here we go with more...

1. So mothers...relate to any of these?? ;-)

2. Well, that does it! I'm enrolling every arty farty activity there is!! And it impacts health in a good way so it's totally warranted!! LOL ;-) Check out what I'm talking about HERE!

3. THIS article tugged the heart-strings a little...well quite a bit actually. So many times I've growled and huffily spat out 'just go to sleep!' 

4. Thought this article was interesting. I actually check on my kids before I go to bed, pray for them and tuck them in snugly. I can't go to bed without checking them and whispering love notes in their ears until they smile in their sleep. 
Kinda didn't need research or 'experts' to tell me it was a good thing though - I already knew ;-) hehe

5. Baby Powder! Who knew right?

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