Everyday In May - Day Twenty Nine...

9:04 PM

I am writing this post on my iPhone which is a first for me. The internet on my desktop home computer is playing up or run out of data so it's not loading anything!! And my prepaid internet on my laptop is not loading any pages eventhough it's connected! 

So I'm not having much luck with technology at the moment - very irritating! 
However, I will plod on the best I can :-)


Time: 7:52pm

Location: home

Feeling: hopeful

Loving: my Pink Champagne scented candle

Reading: latest Mindfood magazine 

Drinking: been enjoying mint tea lately

Anticipating: some creative time this weekend

Listening to: anything on YouTube - lately it is likely to be anything Pitch Perfect 2 related :-)

Watching: Midwives

Looking forward to: having a cuppa tea later with some chocolate and watching some One Tree Hill

Creating: some upcoming projects for the APOCD blog and for Jot Magazine!

Need to Finish: organising my bedroom & my craft studio! Just cannot seem to get on top of them! Grrrr!

Wishing: for a better daily balance and improved health

Main Goal: [for this week] get more creative time and get some songs written...just for fun :-)

What does your currently list look like?

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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