Everyday In May - Day Fourteen...

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It's a small world.
We have all heard and most likely uttered these words before.
And with the internet...it's getting even smaller.
Let me explain why...

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I was scrolling through Facebook.
I came across a post that was shared by a woman I went to school with who is, now, the deputy editor of Collective magazine. She had shared a link to the Collective blog listing 9 travel Instagram accounts we should follow (and I totally followed all of them!!)
Nothing like making the world a little smaller by living vicariously through other people's travel experiences hey!?!

This is not the end of my story just yet...

Within this article, one of the links was to an Instagram account called 
and it was very inspiring. Filled with gorgeous pics from around the world that would make you want to hop on a plane and jet-set your way around this planet.
But...it was the name of the girl behind it that grabbed my attention the most.

Brooke Saward.

Now, I knew a Brooke Saward.
The Brooke Saward I knew, is the first cousin of one of MY first cousins BUT Brooke is not my cousin. Work that one out ;-) [hehe - love me a little riddle]
This Brooke Saward I knew, used to come and play at our house with her big sister when they were visiting their grandparents at the beach community where we lived also.
We had had a bit to do with her family through community or family events as well.

So, this Brooke Saward I came across today, is a world travel blogger from Aus.
I got on her site and purchased her book THE WOW STORY and read some posts on the blog.

So could THIS Brooke Saward, the world traveller, be THAT Brooke Saward, who came and played with us at our house all those years back.

[ source ]

I am 99.9999999% sure that she IS!!
On reading some of her book, Brooke goes into a little of her backstory.
She was born in Tasmania (tick!), lived most of her childhood in a small town called Smithton, in the Northwest of the state...same as me (tick!), and then she moved to Hobart followed by Launceston...which I know was the case AND that her parents bought some accommodation business there (tick, tick!)
And now, this girl is a travel blogger and jet-sets around the world.

Told ya.
Small world hey!?!
I mean, who knew that a little girl from my years growing up who set foot in our humble backyard to play would one day take those feet to lands far and wide into the biggest playground of all...the world.
Super Rad stuff!

To finish this post, I thought I would share links to three blog posts from Brooke's blog that I read while exploring her site. 
I couldn't help clicking on posts about places in my own country, after-all I am an Aussie so why wouldn't I want to see more of the land I live in! Right?

I've been to all these places mentioned and can vouch for the 'must-see' claim on all of them.

2. Within that first article, you will come across the link for the Top Ten Restaurants in Launceston, Tasmania - I'm taking this list with me when i go home next time. I must admit, I haven't been to any of these restaurants on the list as far as I can see, so would love to check them all out!

3. The World's Best Honeymoon Destinations - well, I've had my honeymoon (travelled around Tasmania)...I just want to go to these destinations FULL STOP!! Especially, Bora Bora - I've always had that place on my list!


So there you have it.
The world just got a whole lot more interesting, intriguing, attractive, surprising, and FUN!

Have you ever had a moment where something/someone from your childhood years linked up to your NOW?

What is your most favourite or most desired travel destination?

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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