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And welcome to another week of...

1. I am a sucker for salted caramel!!

2. I couldn't help but share this link to a video of a very remarkable young man! I hope I remember never to complain about little things that don't matter again!!
PLEASE NOTE: some images in the video may be quite confronting to some.

3. I got a good chuckle out of this! My hubby and I have had our share of texts that are quite entertaining to look back on - this one would have to be a fave...all he asked me is if I wanted anything from town ;-)

 Nice to know our marriage is OK as we navigate this life together ;-)

4. Money matters are coming up a bit more regularly around here, especially with our 6 year old. She is currently 'saving up' to buy a kids bow and arrow BUT she is still learning the importance of earning can't just rely on the tooth fairy, you've only got so many teeth ya know!?! ;-) 
I liked some ideas in this article. I believe that it is important to be transparent in relation to some areas of money and other areas of life so our kids learn the valuable lessons they need to. That way, it's not too big of a surprise when they reach adulthood and face life and all it entails for themselves.

5. Could you give yourself a month off - solely to rejuvenate and re-balance?

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