Everyday In May - Day Three...

6:00 AM

I have a love/hate relationship with LISTS.
I love the idea of what a list can do for productivity BUT I hate them when they don't get enough items ticked off...
that would probably be due to my tendency for writing long lists with grand plans to get lots done that I want to get done!

I'm slowly learning to be more realistic of my expectations for myself and my limits and writing more appropriate lists.


I have created two lists.
One is for what I want to achieve THIS WEEK coming - starting tomorrow. And I've limited it to 5 items on the list. I think that is quite do-able.
The second one is for goals I have for this month of May. Limited to only 10 items.
Let me share them with you and I'll come back at the appropriate times to let you know how I went.

this week

1. Get IKEA bookcases set up into the appropriate rooms (mine and the girls')

2. Sort girls' books and get onto shelves (same for my room)

3. Get laundry caught up.

4. Clear off dining table. Make it neat and tidy.

5. Invite someone around for morning tea.

this month

1. Clear up papers on desk and file away.

2. Sort yarn (Keep, Donate/Give-away, Discard)

3. Make a list of Works-In-Progress (WIP's)

4. Get caught up with Project Life album.

5. Put together #myselfiescrapbook album.
During April, I participated in a free class with others around the web, in documenting myself and my life through selfies. I loved the process and am really keen to have it completed...not just another half-done project on my desk!

6. Set up desk area in my studio and get using my Silhouette Cameo!!! It's about time!

7. Organise and tidy wardrobe space.

8. Get up at 6am at least 3 times during the month.
 I am NOT a morning person but would like to be better at getting up earlier. So I'm starting small and taking it slow ;-)

9. Exercise more.

10. Write a song.


What would you like achieve this week? This month?

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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