Everyday in May - Day Twenty Four...

10:07 PM

" Howdy there, how ya been? X"

This was a text from my bestie this morning.
We haven't had a good chat for quite some time and I've been meaning to call her for ages but something always pops up and it just hasn't happened.
So I was SUPER thrilled to get a text from her today!
Thing is, it was EXACTLY what I needed right now.
She asked all the right questions that enabled me to get out what I had been holding in for quite a few months.
I needed that vent!
It gave me perspective. Something shifted in me.

And I came away feeling lighter and able to breathe that much better within myself.
And like the dreams and aspirations I have for myself and my life, were REAL and WORTH IT!
I felt a whole lot braver and my belief in myself and my dreams grew immensely.

I love that about our friendship - no matter how far away we are from each other, or how long between chats...we just get each other.
Forever friends are like that :-)

As part of my renewed fervour to go after my dreams and TAKE ACTION, I got out my phone and propped it up [precariously] on the speaker beside my piano and recorded myself playing, just to get a feel for it and see how it all sounded played back.
You see, music as always been a large part of my life and who I am!
And for quite a few years now I had just...stopped.
No playing, no song writing, I still sang but it was limited to little everyday dittys, not much purposeful, soulful singing.
I had become stagnant.
But lately, these dreams and goals I once had have been resurfacing and rising up BIG TIME!
So much so, that I have needed to stand up to attention and start doing something about it. 
In response, I have been slowly, step by step giving myself time to explore my dreams again.

One of these steps was to be brave and record myself playing the piano.

And now I am going to take one giant leap of bravery and post that video here!!!

It's not perfect.
It's just me being random. It's just me being free.
And I like the ending. My eldest daughter was witnessing the whole thing and you hear her little voice at the end. Makes us giggle looking back on it ;-)
I guess you can call it - the mishaps of phone recording! LOL!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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