Everyday In May - Day Twenty Eight...

10:33 PM

I've kinda left it pretty late to write, so I'm just gonna go random.
As in write a random sentence/statement/quote/lyric etc etc, to each letter of the word 'random'. 
Cos I can.

Rebel cracks me up - she cracks herself up too...obviously ;-)

Addicted to One Tree Hill

No matter what they say, we are beautiful in every single way.

Don't Stop  Believing...

Onwards and Upwards.

Materialism will never make you happy. It keeps you just frustrated enough to make sure you buy more [~Jean Sebastian Monzani~]
Well ain't that the truth!
It's a vicious cycle.

So there you go.
Totally random hey!?! ;-)

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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