Everyday In May - Day One...

3:55 PM

Last year in May, I participated in a challenge to blog everyday in May - instigated by Sunday from Love Happy Daily.

I was thinking through this last week about my little blog here and how I want to engage more and share more frequently SO...

I've decided that setting myself this challenge again this year would be a good idea!
I've written down a rough list of prompts that I can write about and hope to have something up here EVERYDAY this month.

And you are most welcome to join in too, if you so desire. 
I'll even add a linky tool at the end of each day's post so you can link up your own blog posts  to share the love if you like :-)
(and feel free to save the logo and use for the posts too - I'm fine with that!)

So...today is the first day of May.
Day ONE of the challenge.

I'm going to keep it easy and start off with sharing THREE words that I think best describes me in this season of my life.

passionate. quirky. dreamer.

So - what three words would you choose that best describe you??

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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