Everyday In May - Day Eleven...

1:25 AM

Hello Monday!
I had a slight case of Monday-itis this morning.
I was rushing to get us all ready as I had a P&C meeting this morning so I had to make sure I had breakfasted before heading out (I usually do brekky when I get back from school drop-off - with some peace and quiet!)

Well, the kids got to school a couple of minutes late which wasn't too bad and I made the meeting on time. 
I have just got back from town where I attended a Nutrimetics training night.

So, I am finally getting to blogging for today...well, our internet is dysfunctional at the moment so it's early morning while I'm writing this. 
Yep. I'm committed ;-)

Anyway you may remember back on Day Three that I created some lists - one for the week and one for the month. Check them out HERE.

I thought I'd pop back in to assess the situation and how I went.
There's three words for it actually...Not Very Well.

1. The IKEA bookshelves are still out in the storage room, ready when I'm ready!

2. I started sorting out the girls' book and such. Only thing is, you start something and then the kids go into their room to play and surprise surprise, everything is a mess again.

3. One more load and I would have had the laundry all caught up. I'm happy with that. 

4. The dining table isn't perfect but it's BETTER!

5. I didn't have an adult around for morning tea BUT I did babysit my neighbour's 3 year old, so technically, my 3 year old daughter had a visitor. And then I picked the other two older girls from school with my big girl and I had 5 kids for afternoon tea! So I'm counting this one as a TICK! LOL ;-)

THIS WEEK I hope to:

1. keep up with laundry.

2. Get those IKEA shelves in the rooms and books sorted onto them!

3. file business stuff into filing cabinet

4. make a dent in my craft room

5. do some sort of exercise every day

What are you focusing on right now in your business? Are you focused on positive growth, or worried about "what if"?
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