Everyday In May - Day Thirteen...

12:35 AM

Hello All :-)

Yesterday I, very loosely, participated in A Day In The Life with Ali Edwards.
I thought that I would pop up my photos from the day here today...

[err...looks like I need to clean the mirror - again.]

The alarm went off and I spent the next half an hour snoozing the alarm and trying to wake up...as per usual.
I got up and got myself dressed and popped on some make-up, just the simple day look.

The girls had breakfasted.
I got their lunches ready, did their hair, teeth and we were out the door.
Dropped them around to school by 8:45am.

I called into the shop and did a quick round for our pre-count ready for stock-take next week.
Then I popped around to the Playgroup ladies and dropped in our Picture Plates templates ready to be sent off and transferred onto a melamine plate.
Had a coffee and chat with all the Mumma's. Feels weird that I don't go regularly anymore due to little one being in school 3 days a week now.
The Playgroup chapter is done.

After getting home again, I logged into my computer and was sitting down with my brekkie by 10:30am to check emails, Facebook etc etc
Breakfast was gluten-free weetbix with raw Breakfast powder, banana, strawberries, rice milk, and choc-coated goji berries.

Popped a Nutrimetics order through.
As you would have seen from yesterday's blog post, I began a fascination with Rockabilly Dancing and was YouTubing that for a little bit.

I popped on The Tenors CD 'Lead With Your Heart' and got to work around the house for the next few hours.
Played the piano for a bit. 
cleaned and got into some organisation.

School Pick-up time.
The girls and I called into the shop to see Daddy and tell him how our day had been so far.
Little K rambled on about something that we had no idea what she was talking about but she cracked herself up which made us laugh. She's quite the character ;-)
I also grabbed the mail on the way home and I had received this book I'd ordered a week or so ago...

I've heard glowing reports about it so I'm keen to get stuck into it!

Miss J pulled out her Mister Maker book and was keen to make something out of it - so she set herself up on the dining table and went about creating a pirate face.

Mr Awesome started making tea for us tonight.
I was a little peckish so tucked into my very first persimmon I have ever tried.
It was yummy and crunchy (due to it not being fully ripe yet) but was super sweet. I liked it.

I also did some MUCH NEEDED filing.
The paperwork is piling up and is in dire need of some organisation.
Made a good dent into it I think - but still more to go.

We sat down to Satay Chicken on rice for tea. Was very satisfying.
Washed dishes.

I started having a little play on the piano and Miss J came along and asked me to teach her something, so we started the learning of good ole Chopsticks ;-)
7:30 the kids headed to bed.

8pm, 9pm
Time to shower, cleanse and tone my face.
8:45 Love Child was on telly - love this show.

Cuppa tea time
Finished the evening watching some One Tree Hill - quite hooked on this series :-)

I think I crawled into bed about midnight.

And that was a day in MY life.

Did you join in with Ali Edwards for A Day In Your Life?
Feel free to link up if you would like to share. Would love to see a day in others lives :-)

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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