Everyday In May - Day 10...

6:00 AM

Today is the day we celebrate them!
And, for many, celebrate being one!

When my eldest daughter was younger, we were going about our everyday things - 
and out of the blue she states...

"Mum means love!"

My heart just blew up and burst with love and thankfulness for that kid.
And at that time, it meant even more because somewhere along the line of motherhood, where we are mostly just flying by the seat of our pants, with no real idea of how we are really doing - right then I felt...
I must be doing something right!

And for most, when you think of an image for love, our mothers are in there.
And if that's not the case, there may be someone in your life somewhere, who epitomizes love for you.
And for those who are mothers, the meaning of love can be seen when we look at our kids and how our heart just beats for them every day of our lives.

I want to share this lovely video with you.
It was put together by my most favourite group of singers/songwriters, The Tenors.
They all went back to their respective 'homes' to surprise their mothers and read them a letter each that they wrote to that special woman in their life.
You will need tissues!

It is simply beautiful.

And to my mother, I would like to say...

You are so beautiful to me.

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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