Everyday In May - Day Nine...

8:37 PM

It is the eve of Mothers Day and it only seems fitting that I would be thinking of my kids.
And being a Mum.
Gosh, being a Mum is such a mixed bag, hey!?!
It's life changing.
It is challenging, rewarding, heart-melting, heart-breaking, stressful, special, heart-warming.

Motherhood is a blessing.
And no matter what, I love my kids.
I am grateful for them.
They make me laugh, they make me cry, they make my blood boil, they make my heart sing!
I would never give them up for ANYTHING!

So...I thought that I would devote this post to focusing on my kids --
how they are right now and what I appreciate about them.

I'll start with my firstborn...

1. She has the most gorgeous big blue/hazel eyes that sparkle and shine. Her [currently gappy-mouthed] smile makes her face light up. She is sunshine.

2. She is developing quite a personality. She is a bubbly, fun-loving, compassionate, and friendly character. She is also acquiring quite a 'smart-mouth' and getting a tad too comfortable and 'game' with the back chat and off-hand comments which we are trying to patiently and calmly smooth out and help her manage so that she doesn't get herself into some serious trouble our there in the big, wide world!

3. She is a major chatterbox. She has always got a story to tell or something to say.
She is curious and asks lots of questions.
Typical 6 year old really I guess ;-)

4. She loves lasagna, noodles, ice-cream, rice bubbles, and nutella on toast or crumpets!!

5. She loves to watch television (any Disney or animated film is a hit!), making loom bands with Mummy, and doing craft or cooking (when she is allowed into the kitchen!)

And now for my little one...

1. Well, if you were to describe this little munchkin in one word, it would be...
Seriously, this little one has managed to massively multiply my grey hair!!
But however stubborn, contrary, tantrum-chucking, boundary-pushing she is, can be equalled with how sweet, entertaining, funny, and gorgeous she can be.
Man, she drives me crazy BUT I'm crazy in love with her!

2. She adores her sister. Yes, they fight but their bond is great.
She often copies what her big sister says and loves to cuddle up to her. 
Whenever, she feels like she's on the outs with everyone else, she goes to her sister for comfort and consolation.

3. She loves imaginary play. I've heard her come up with some very clever little stories and scenarios with her toys or other household items.

4. She has a fascination with the Toy Story movies at the moment. She goes around the house singing 'You've got a friend in me', which is super cute.

5. She is a major sweet tooth. If we served her up with biscuits, chocolate, cake, ice-cream and lollies every meal - she would be all over that!
Trying to get her to eat more fruit and veg, is like wringing water out of a rock.
But I'm trying. I have just recently found out she will eat sweet potato soup!! YES - WIN!!

So there you have it.
My two girls. In a nutshell.
There is never a dull moment with these two in my life!
And I really wouldn't have it any other way.

How do you feel about being a mother? What's your thoughts/observations about your kids right now?

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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