Everyday In May - Day Thirty...

9:47 PM

That's what kids are pretty much about a lot of the time - they just love to be playful.
I love watching my kids play nicely.
Using their big imaginations to come up with playful stories and ways to play with their toys etc.
This week, Little K, pulled out the clothes baskets and spent quite a nice chunk of the morning inventing different ways to play with them.
First, there was a boat, then a cage, then she was a turtle.

She's such a kook. Love her to bits.

Kinda takes me back to my childhood...when my sisters and I would play lion and mouse.
Ya know -- the lion gets trapped [enter the clothes basket] and the mouse would come along and nibble at the trap and hey! presto -- the lion is free!
Ah! Memories!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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