32 Things I Am Grateful For Right Now...

11:14 AM

Through the week, I came across a blog post by Ali Edwards listing 39 things she is grateful for at this point in time.
39 because that is how old she is right now and so I followed suit and made a list of 32 things I'm grateful for right now...
1. A place to call home - like an actual place, not the TV show...although I do love that show!

2. Music!!

3. Laughter

4. Ugg boots

5. Girly giggles.

6. Inspiration

7. Sunshine

8. Meaningful quotes

9. Bed!

10. Creative time

11. Patient and understanding people

12. Salmon - it is YUM YUM for my TUM TUM!


14. Coffee dates with friends

15. Books - I really love reading...always have had :-)

16. The COLLECTIVE - my fave mag!

17. The ability to smile and laugh - even through the crap!

18. Takeout - cos sometimes I just don't feel up to cooking.

19. A steadfast husband.

20. Scripture

21. Ideas

22. Quality time with my firstborn - it doesn't happen very often these days as she goes to school and when she's not there, her little sister is usually around so it's nice to just have some time with just her.

23. Snuggles with my little one

24. Silly jokes with the hubby.

25. Natural light streaming through the window.

26. One Tree Hill - I am onto the second season...totally hooked on this show!

27. Nice warm shower

28. My country and where I live in it.

29. Generosity of others - I now have an elliptical trainer due to one act of generosity :-)

30.  Both kids in school 3 days a week now, so I get a little 'me' time back :-)

31. Happy Memories.

What are you grateful for right now?

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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