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7:00 AM

Hi there lovely ones.
It's that time of week again...

1. I thought that this article was quite interesting. I want my kids to always keep their creativity. I really need to be able to invest more time into encouraging this.

2. This article has the potential to make you squirm abit as it is slightly in-your-face BUT in essence is quite possibly rather true in parts.

3. True friend or not? Here is 9 things a true friend would NOT do!

4. I was reminded HERE that rejection is not all bad -- it can be a means of redirecting you to something/someone better.

5. Make your own clay candle holder! LOVE THIS!

Take care!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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  1. Anna these links are all fantastic! The marriage one I couldn't really relate to, minus a couple of things. But I think being my husband is completely anti social media helps, haha.

    So funny you listed the clay Votive holder, because I was just looking at that and have that exact clay at home!

    Both the friends related ones really hit home with me, I really needed to read those Anna.

    I love the kid article. I often craft with my girls but I never thing to ask them about it, just watch them. It's an amazing idea and I can't wait to test them out.

    Have an awesome weekend gorgeous x


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