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7:00 AM

Wow - the weeks are just flying by!!
It's time for some more...

1. Came across this article via Facebook. I was induced for both my girls' births due to gestational diabetes. Funny how I knew early on that an induced birth was quite possible the first time round, yet I never really read anything about the process. I just let it happen and trusted my doctors. And all was good - I feel I had relatively easy births. I wonder if I had read something like this whether it would have changed anything - would I have been able to improve my situation or would I have just been an anxious mess??
Doesn't matter anyway - I'm thankful for my experiences and the results :-)
Was interesting to read this though!

2. Here is 10 creative ways to De-Clutter. Sometimes you know that you WANT live more simply and with less BUT it's hard to know where to start. This article links up with different ideas that may help you tackle things your way.

3. Just THREE simple questions but man, do they nail it on the head!! That first question speared straight to my core and I felt an immediate shift in my thinking. I'm letting change be activated in my self-talk!

4. I'm loving some of these recipe ideas, especially the vegetarian and fish ones!!!

5. Ok, my eyes were a tad moist after watching this - what a great little experiment :-)

Until next week, take care and smile big!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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