Blogtember Challenge - Day 1...

7:00 AM

You have probably picked up by now that I quite enjoy a good blog challenge.
Anything to get me blogging more! LOL!

I saw this challenge shared on Facebook by Kellie of Give A Girl A Blog saying she was going to take part and I jumped right on it too!
So...for the next 30 days, I aim to blog EVERYDAY using the prompts set by Bailey of Brave Love Blog.

So here we go with DAY ONE:
Introduce yourself however you like!


Well, firstly, the name is ANNA!

{ me @ 13months }

I am a Tasmanian - I was born there, schooled there, married there, became a mother for the first time there, lived there for the first 27 years of my life. 
We moved to Western Australia, where we still live 5 and a 1/2 years later. 

As mentioned, I am married - have been for 9 and a 1/2 years. We have 2 daughters aged 4 and very close to 7.
I am the eldest child to my awesome parents and have two sisters and one brother-in-law.
Of course, I also have in-laws...Mr Awesome's parents, 2 brothers and their wives, and we have 2 nephews and 1 niece.

So...a little more of what makes me ME...

>> I am a multi-passionate creative!
My main creative focus or 'speciality' right now is scrapbooking/memory-keeping.
I love documenting the stories of our lives -- I like to think of it as writing our own history books...our lives from our perspective and experience! I mean, what better expert is there to tell our life story than ourselves!!
I also love knitting/crocheting, DIY, photography, writing, doodling...and all that kinda stuff!

Listening to it, creating it, singing to is a huge part of my life.
Many of my dreams and goals in life involve music and what I aspire to achieve in this area.

>> I have blue eyes.
But...apparently, according to my husband, they can tend to take on different shades with my different moods. Greenish blue for angry or frustrated/stressed, dark blue if sad or sick, a sky blue when happy, excited etc etc.
That's being uber observant hey!?! ;-) 

>> I battle Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue on a daily basis.
I refuse to let it define me though. I have made many diet changes and tweaks here and there and try to exercise as much as my body allows. I try to live my life to the fullest, however I am learning to accept when my body does not want to co-operate with my plans and let it catch up by resting and knowing my bodies limits. I tend to push myself and force my body to function properly but when its having a bad spurt, I have no choice but to take it easy. No matter if I feel like its wasting my time!! HA!

>> I am partnered in business with my husband as agents for an agricultural supplies company. I also work as a respite carer a few hours a week.
I am a member of the P&C, a volunteer ambulance officer, a consultant for Nutrimetics AND Your Inspiration At Home.
I am also a Jot Girl - creating for Jot Magazine and also the Mood Board Co-ordinator now too. I thoroughly enjoy being a part of this amazing team!
I am also on the Creative Design Team for the 1-2-3 challenge blog.
And, of course, I am a wife and parent so home and mummy duties are ever-present in my life.
Yep! I keep busy ;-)

>> I am a NIGHT OWL - not a morning person!

>> Coffee is my friend. It's a hug in a mug ;-)

>> I have an addiction to buying clothes and shoes!

>> I love magazines! I cannot walk past a newsagency - I have to go in and very rarely do I walk out with nothing!! 
My fave mags are renegade Collective, Slow, and good.
There are more but these are the main ones I go for.

>> I love to blog! Which is why I am here!
I appreciate each and every one of you who stop by and enter into my little space on the world wide web!

And that's Day One of the challenge done!
Hope you've enjoyed getting to know me a little better ;-)

What about you? I'd love to know who you are, your hobbies, what you like/dislike...just what makes you YOU!
Chat to me in the comment section below - I'd so enjoy hearing from you!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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  1. Anna I can't believe this. I read your comment on my blog and I couldn't wait to come over here and read your blog post and we have even more in common! I am in partnership with my husband, but I get stuck with all the book work, which I don't mind at the end of the day, I do suck at keeping up though. I have hypertension aka high blood pressure of the extreme sort and like you lately I've made changes to my diet in a big way, exercise lately and so far things are on the up. I am the eldest. I absolutely love music. Like really love it. Music holds memories to me, speaks to me. Sometimes when I'm having a bad day a good song can make it a little brighter. The kitchen floor is my dance floor, when I'm alone haha. Mornings are not for me, SHOW ME THE COFFEE, haha!

    There's more we share and I can't believe we didn't know this before!

    Loved learning new things about you Anna and can't wait to follow along with you on this challenge xx

    1. This is UNREAL! We are so similar! I love it! hahaha
      I am also looking forward to following along with you on this challenge - it's gonna be fun!

  2. So so glad you've joined in, friend! Glad to have ya!

  3. I love clothes. What are your favorite stores?


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