12:35 AM

A day in the life. 

Well, a day in my life is usually about kids, hungry kids, housework, hungry kids, laughs, breaking up fights, hugs, i love you's, family, entertaining kids, cleaning kids, hungry kids, hungry husband, cooking, snuggles, and if I'm lucky some crafting and some TV time.

In a nutshell anyway ;-)
Unless, it's a town day. Or I've got meetings. Or I've gotta work in the shop. Or there's a school thing happening for the kids.
Then the day looks a little different.

But today...
Today was the start of school holidays for two weeks AND it was a public holiday here.
So the kids didn't have to go to school AND the hubby didn't have to go to work.
So I'll give a snippet of what today was like for us.

It was a beautiful day today.
So we made the most of it and got outside.
I had lots of laundry to catch up with so while I was hanging out clothes and such the kids played in the backyard chasing the dog, totem tennis, and in the sandpit.
Later on in the day, we all went for a bike ride around town. Together.

In the evening, after baths and while we were eating tea, Finding Nemo was the movie selection for the evening. The kids love to watch a movie before bed.

And most nights, I end up here. On the couch. With my lappy, cuppa tea (and tonight some chocolate snuck in there), and the latest TV series I'm watching on DVD.
At the moment, it's McLeods Daughters.
Loved it when it was on telly years ago, still love it now!!

Has been an alright day all round really!
How bout yours?

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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