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Hello Hello Hello!
It's that time of week where I share some...

1. Kindness is the key to a lasting relationship/marriage. That and sharing joy. This is what these relationship experts believe is the predictor of success in any relationship.
I found this article quite interesting. I usually read these type of articles rather scantily but I was taken in by this one. And when it came to the part about how ignoring or responding minimally to your partner can make them lose their ability to fight against viruses and diseases (cancer being a big one)...I stood right to attention!
Definitely some food for thought...and a bit of a wake-up call!

2. Our bed is currently headboard-less so a lot of the ideas in THIS post are looking mighty fine!!

3. I don't know about you, but I think THIS recipe looks delicious!

4. Love Jamie's post about the anatomy of a project life album. Her PL pages are divine!

5. Woah! How special is THIS! And abit of a tear-jerker.

Enjoy the weekend.
Stay safe and keep smiling.

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