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Describe your ideal day.

My day would begin with waking up in a light filled room; the warming rays of sunshine streaming in onto my face, a light breeze and the sound of the ocean drifting in the partially open window.
I would lay there a while and breathe it all in.
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I would get up and enjoy a late breakfast, including very strong coffee, on the deck area overlooking the beach.
Once dressed, I'd go for a wander along the sand letting my toes tease the edge of the shoreline just a little bit. I'd drink in the fresh air and sunshine...the beach calms me.

I would ride my bike into the nearby town and dine for lunch in a cute little cafe with awesome coffee.
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I'd take a walk around the town, roaming the streets window-shopping (or a little actual shopping) and snapping away with my camera, which wouldn't be far from my reach at any time.
I'd grab a donut to-go and hop on my bike to head to the Botanical Gardens.
I'd meander through the gorgeous landscaped gardens, click-click-clicking with my camera at the beautiful displays of floral goodness and stunning water features and architectural designs incorporated into the landscape.
I'd find a lovely spot in the wide open spaces of nature, lay on the grass and gaze at the sky, making pictures of the clouds.
I'd feel so inspired that I would just have to grab my journal or laptop and start writing - a poem, a story, a journal entry, a blog post...whatever it is, it would get whatever I am feeling or thinking about out on 'paper'. I find writing super therapeutic.
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I would wander back through the gardens, maybe gate-crash a Tai Chi session that I come across, just cos it looks fun and I always like the look of the slow, controlled movements and the quiet manner in which you do them.
Feeling super chilled and refreshed, I'd get back on my bike and head back down through the town, visit a flea market and grab some goodies.
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On my way home, I'd pop into a cosy bakery and grab an apple and walnut scroll and a coffee to go.
Once back at the beach cottage, I'd have a soak in the spa and get all comfy in my PJ's. 
I'd pull out my planner and fill in some deets about my day. Probably do some documenting in my Project Life album whilst watching a chick flick and eating a light dinner.
Before bed, I would sit and read and sip a cup of my fave herbal tea right now, Organic Ginger Iron Goddess.
I'd snuggle down between the soft sheets, sink my head into the feather down pillows, sigh and say 'Beds were such a great invention' and eventually fall off to sleep.
To the sound of the sea and the light of the silvery moon through my window.
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What would your ideal day look like??

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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  1. That sounds like an absolutely perfect day. Waking up to the sound of the ocean would be the best.

    1. Totally!
      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment :-)

  2. Oh my, yours sounds like my kind of idea of a perfect day, swell....scrapbooking, sea, cake, bike riding, rummaging a jumble sale...yum yum and triple yum!

    1. Thank you for dropping by and commenting.
      All the things I love to do in one day always sounds perfect to me :-)


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