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Today's prompt, set by Bailey of Brave Love Blog, is...

What are you passionate about?

What a question to ask!
This could be a long one people - so buckle up! I'll try and contain myself ;-)

To be honest, in everything I do - I try to do it all with great passion.
Of course, there are things that aren't very attractive to undertake - housework, budgets/paying bills, dealing with sick children, and even cooking for me, are not my favourite things to do. However, I am passionate about the end result...a clean and organised house, finances in order, optimal health, satisfied tummies.
I also dislike negativity, falsehood, crime, people who aren't genuine.
BUT...I do believe that there is good somewhere, in people or in things around us...we only need to look.

Anyway, I slightly digress. I do have a tendency to go off on little tangents sometimes.
I am here to list my passions, so here I go (in no particular order)...

I have been blessed with a wonderful network of family. I have always been surrounded by loved ones. I grew up in a loving home - my awesome parents and younger sisters were, and still are, very close-knit. This flowed onto the extended family - grandparents, aunties, uncles, cousins...we all enjoyed a good get together. Good food and hearty laughter were always present at a family shindig.
And now, I have a family of my own.
A dedicated, hard-working steadfast husband.
And two gorgeous daughters who touch my heart and light up my life everyday!
I am passionate about holding onto memories and making new ones with those that mean so much to

I was brought up in a Christian home. And I am super grateful for that.
My faith has been the ultimate anchor in my life.
I am under no illusion that life is without hardships or heartbreak. My faith does not make me immune to these. It does make these undesirable circumstances or feelings more bearable. I know I always have Someone on my side, with a heart full of love and acceptance, arms wide open with warmth and comfort, and an ear to hear any of my prayers.
It's only by His strength that I have gotten through daily health battles, negative experiences, and down times. I am thankful for His ever-present and unfailing love.

I have always been someone who loves to connect with people - of all ages. In school, I had friends in years below me, in my year and above my year at school. 
I can't say these people are all still in my circle of friends years later BUT they were part of my life, therefore a part of my story. I am passionate about imparting the message to others that they are important, they are worthy, and they are enough!

This one wouldn't come as a surprise now hey!?! LOL!
I was born to create. It's just what I do. I can't help it!
My brain is always ticking over with ideas and inspiration. Sleep is often limited due to my brain NEVER STOPPING!
But I love what I do - creating brings me joy. I feel such satisfaction when I have done something creative, whether it be scrapbooking, writing, is so rewarding to see a creation done knowing that you made it. Such an exhilarating feeling.

I've said it before but MUSIC is a very big part of my life. I love to play it, listen to it, sing it.
I taught myself how to play Mary Had A Little Lamb on the piano when I was about 5 or 6 years old. And I have had a special relationship with the piano ever since ;-)
Many of my hopes and dreams are wrapped up in music and my creative world.

I'm passionate about making moments matter. 
Make the most of every opportunity.
Be brave, be bold, and be your beautiful self. 
There is beauty all around and I aim to live life seeing it and appreciating it all of my days.
To hear and join in with my girls' laughter.
To take the time to properly listen (people deserve to be heard).
To be spontaneous.
To travel and explore.
To always dream.
Always hope.

I am passionate about being the best me I can be.
And for my girls to do the same for themselves as they grow up too; to always know that they are special, valued and loved.


With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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  1. I love this! You put very perfectly, into words what I couldn't seem too- Passionate about living life! YES YES! <3 Love your photos! Those girls are beauties!

  2. Music is not an area of talent or, really, passion for me, but I really, really appreciate that it is for many people, because I so enjoy listening to the works created by talented, passionate individuals in that realm!


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