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Tell us about your favourite season. Why is it your favourite and what does it say about you?

After thinking about the answer to this question, I decided that I cannot effectively answer this question as every season has its pros and cons.
When I lived in Tasmania - Summer was a fave. But since living in Western Australia, I kinda like Autumn/Winter.
I thought I would just list what I like and not like as much about each season.


Pros: Sunshine. Beach days. Pool time. Ice-cream. Christmas. New Years. Australia Day. Backyard paddle pool and sprinkler fun. Barbecues. Holidays. Camping.
Cons: SNAKES! Flies. Mosquitoes. Sunburn. Heat. Bushfires. 


Pros: Golden days. Warm (not too hot) sunshine. Breezy weather. Some rain. Seeding time for crop farmers. Easter. Mothers Day. 
Cons: Well, seeding time can also be a con as everyone is so busy and can get stressed. Sick bugs which means days off school for the kids, or off work for the adults.


Pros: Cooler weather. Rain. Crops growing. Warmer clothes - more layers. Splashing in puddles. Cold, crisp air. Sunshine - enough to comfort with a whisper of warmth. Bonfire nights with neighbours. Hot chocolate by the fire. Movie nights snuggled under blankets. Warmer, hearty food. 
Cons: Wet days. Storms. Winter lurgies.


Pros: New growth. Beautiful flowers. Green grass. Harvest. Not too hot, not too cold. Fathers Day. 
Cons: Flu. Bees. Allergies (eg. hayfever).


I guess, if you look at that list, I'm in favour of winter mostly.
To be honest, I am just happy to be alive and that I can enjoy every season in life.
Embrace every moment and live it well.

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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