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Dear Anna of 1998/1999

You are full of dreams.
16 years on, you still are.
Some have come true, many are still abuzz up there in dreamland.
Don't stop dreaming.

It's a little difficult to write to you actually as I feel that I'm searching for myself more so right now than I was back there where you are.
That's not a bad thing though.
It's just more involved now - right now you are just you...but here right now, as 32 year old me, searching for self and rediscovering dreams and assessing goals and where I am at with life is not just about me. I have more things to consider now...a husband, our two girls (yeah those boys you were gonna have - none in sight...sorry. But I can assure you, these two girls make your life more beautiful!), a business to run. 
My 'self' is wrapped up in more than...just me.

Not long ago, you were described as vivacious, a go-getter.
Do that.
Go and get!

My biggest points I would like to emphasise to you, Anna of 98/99, is this...

1. Take your time. BIG life decisions need to be well-thought out and considered carefully.
Don't put pressure on yourself to make the right one NOW. It might come clear tomorrow or the next day. However, you will need to make one. Just don't force it - let things become clear in their own time without you pushing it into being. 
And listen to the Big Man, not other people and their opinions or expectations of you.
Follow your own heart.

2. As opposite as this might sound to point 1...just do it!
There are some times that require you to jump right in, take a leap of faith and stretch yourself. Be open and shake off doubt and fear and be brave.
The smaller stuff done, experienced, and dealt with helps you with the BIG life decisions, in my opinion.

3. Collect moments, not things.
Know what is important and strive for that, rather than things that are ultimately meaningless and cause your life to become cluttered and messy and bring you no joy.

4. Don't chase boys. Be happy with being you, on your own.
The right one will come along - you don't have to try and make anyone fall in love with you.
It will happen of it's own accord.

And lastly...

Be kind to yourself.

Love Anna of 2015


With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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  1. I love how you broke your advice into parts! Like a to-do list kind of thing. Something that would have definitely be helpful when I was 16!


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