11:07 PM

What are you up to currently?

Reading... 'The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up' by Marie Kondo / Renegade Collective Mag!
Playing... 'Cheerleader' - cover by Pentatonix. My kids LOVE dancing to do I ;-)
Watching... Hart of Dixie - Season 2
Trying... to get to bed earlier every night (this night owl ain't doing too well on that one)
Cooking... potato gems and corn on the cob for the kids tea (yeah it was just one of those nights). I had a shake.
Eating... a couple of pieces of Lindt chocolate
Drinking... organic lemon soother tea
Calling... the day a relatively relaxing one.
Texting... my hubby. we always text each other pretty much every day.
Pinning... papercrafting. quotes. crafty stuff. blog stuff.
Tweeting... quippy comments to other people's tweets
Going... going...GONE! Normal? Nup, nothing like that around me! Totally crazy. Totally quirky. But I'm me - and that's ok ;-)
Loving... my family. Always.
Disliking... discord. There is so much of it in today's world. If I had one wish, i really would wish for world peace!
Discovering... a new YouTube channel to subscribe to.
Thinking... ALL THE TIME! brain is always thinking!
Feeling... warm and cosy.
Hoping (for)... better health. More productive everday-ness.
Listening (to)... the fan on the heater. The TV. The clock ticking. My hubby snoring (he's been in bed since 6:30pm cos he was so darn tired!)
Celebrating... that it's the weekend.
Smelling... my own awesome-ness. bahahahaha, just kidding.
Ordering... Heidi Swapp goodies online.
Thanking... God for His goodess in my life.
Considering... our options for purchasing this house we live in.
Starting... a home detox. Need to start a health one too!
Finishing... this blog post. And not too far off finishing this day and heading to bed!

So that's me!
What about you?

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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