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Create a collage or inspiration/mood board that describes your blog.

Well...this was a little more difficult than I thought it was gonna be.
I spent most of the day wondering what images I could use that would best describe or portray what my blog is about.
In the end, I realised it wasn't really that hard...just use photos from your blog that show what you write about and showcase the most on the blog.

** all photos are mine apart from the quote print in the top right corner - that is from HERE.**

I love sunshine (just read my blog name! LOL!)
The beach is one of my favourite places - it calms me, helps me think, makes me feel powerful and uninhibited.
I am a creative - my main outlet being scrapbooking!
I love positive and uplifting quotes. 
I love taking photos of where I stand..especially if the floor is a cool pattern/design.
I like food. I must confess that I very much dislike being in the kitchen for long amounts of time cooking, but I do like food.  And sometimes I pump out some pretty awesome dishes :-)
And I love my family. My two girls are just the most beautiful gifts to me. Adore them so much!

All of these topics will appear on my blog in some way, shape or form at any given time.

Thanks for popping by!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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  1. I had the same dilemna too when I first thought about a mood board and then just decided to use the photos I already had in my blog. The photo of the sun through the trees is a great capture!


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