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The real you VS the online you. Are they the same or different?

Now this is an interesting question. One that, surprisingly, I have actually thought about before.
I desire to be ME, fully and completely, whether online or in real life.
However, I do think that there are parts that are the same and different for both versions of my self.

There are many ways that the online me is the same as the me in real life.
I'm quirky. I love to tell a story. I love taking photos. I love sharing stories and photos. I love positivity. I am an animated, chatty character. I am passionate about many things - family, music, memory-keeping, writing/blogging, crafts, helping and encouraging others, and much more. 
These things tend to flow from the real me to the online me.

I think the difference between the off-line and online me is the ability to edit.
If you were to visit me in my house, you would see how un-organised and rather messy and cluttered it is. Even though, I am open and transparent online about my struggles with home-making and how frustrated I get with myself and the condition of my home - on the other hand, I can snap a photo of a not-so-nasty space in my home and post it online and no-one would be any wiser as to the pile of clothes and the boxes of 'stuff' stacked waiting to be sorted only a small side-step away. 
Except for now...cos I've just told ya! LOL ;-)

But, honestly, I don't go online to create a whole different me.
My presence online is an extension of the real me.
All the bits and pieces you see about me, whether in person or online, are all a part of me,
and make up who I am.
The offline and the online me are the same ME.

I'm fairly sure that won't change.

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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