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What's in your bag? 

Ok...I am catching up a little bit.
Due to internet issues, I missed doing yesterday's blog post so am doing two today to catch up.

I didn't get around to perusing my handbag and photographing its contents BUT I decided to take the opportunity to show off a new bag I purchased and received in the mail not long ago.

For Christmas last year, I received my first DSLR camera. All the camera bags were sold out wherever my hubby went so I have just been carting my camera around in a canvas bag.
I saw a post by Ali Edwards on Facebook about how she had collaborated with Epiphanie in creating a stylish camera bag! I was sold from first glance!
I jumped at the chance to use her special code to get a percentage off and that was that!
And here it is...

I opted for the charcoal colour, as you can see.
And I just love the look and feel of this bag. I feel so sophisticated with it hanging on my arm or dangling from my hand ;-)

The inside of the bag is soft and well padded and has handy divider pads to form compartments for different pieces of your camera equipment.
It also has a couple of pockets and zipped area where you could pop your keys, cash/cards, or phone if you just wanted to go out with one bag.

And Ali has put her extra stamp on it with a metal tag engraved with her motto 'craft your story'.

I'm super stoked with my purchase. It's well worth the money!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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