10:34 PM

What's on your wish list? 

Well, there's always things that we all wish for!
Here are a few of mine...

** I want a desk like that for my craft room - I'm hoping to shift some things around and make my creative space more workable

** I would like the shelves for my kitchen to store all my loose leaf tea containers instead of clogging my benches. I use them everyday so would like them easily accessible, not stashed in a cupboard.

** When I get my entrance way cleared, this is the hall table I would like to grace the welcoming area of our home :-)

** Hammock for outside (on the deck maybe), and the bean bag for indoor relaxing!

** I've been super keen to buy a Samantha Wills ring. I'm totes loving the chunky ring look!

And there you have wish list right now.
What's yours??

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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