In Lieu of the Blogtember Challenge for Day 18...

1:21 AM

I am forfeiting today's prompt in the Blogtember Challenge today as I have not yet mastered the ability to record a VLOG.
It's something, I am wanting to learn - but there is this thing called T.I.M.E that everyone seems to not have enough of...and that's the case for me. 
It's on the cards though.

INSTEAD -- I am going to share a little somethin' somethin' from today.
And ask you your opinion on somethin' a rather too.

Firstly...a little story for ya.

This is my 'baby'...little K.
She was harping me for a snack so I caved and gave her a handful of Fruit Loops. She'd never had them before and so she kept asking me what flavour each colour would be.
We had raspberry, strawberry, orange...then we got to this one she is posing with in the picture --

"Is this one grass?"

It's a legitimate queston ;-)


Secondly, I have a been planning a new look for my girls' bedroom.
New beds, new doona, new pillows, their own bedside table each, and few other little niceties to make it special.
I have the new quilt covers purchased and stored away for the revamp.
I have been researching beds and have managed to narrow the selection down to these two...

The top one is the Annabelle bed frame from Adairs. I do love the look of this one...simple yet stylish.

The bottom one, however, also holds some appeal as it provides some extra storage options. It is the Daisy bed frame from Bedshed. The toys can go on the shelves, instead of piled all over them and their beds as they sleep! The part below the square shelves also opens up for added storage space for things like an extra blankie, cushions or what-have-you.

I took it to Instagram and the majority preferred the top one.
My girls actually both picked the bottom one.
I think it will come down to what my husband thinks -- BUT I will ask YOU.
Which one would you pick??
I'd love to hear from you so comment away :-)

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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