My Soul Sings #12...

12:46 AM

Today I am grateful for...

** rain and sunshine. 
We have had both this week and I am grateful for both!

** great TV shows like The Voice! 
I have absolutely thoroughly enjoyed this season - my faves right from the beginning were Caleb Jago-Ward, Ellie Drennan, Joe Moore, Nathan Hawes and they all got really far! So stoked Ellie won - she has been absolutely flawless the whole way through and I think she is gonna go super far! 
But Joe - he's the real deal. I really enjoy his voice, his energy, his presence on stage, his musicality. 
The whole lot have been remarkable. It's been so awesome to watch.
The Voice 2015 has set the bar way high for future series I think!

** togetherness.
 I love it when hubby, the girls and I do stuff together.  Like, yesterday, we went into town and took the girls to the new park that has opened up on the foreshore. It's really good. Miss J's fave was the hurdy-gurdy and Miss K's favourite part was some climby dome that she would scoot into and pretend she was a cat. Meow ;-)
Love imagination!

** growth. 
I love watching my kids make new discoveries and start making more sense of the world around them.

** moments.
I had a talk to my eldest this week as I was walking her to school. 
She said how much her little sister is so funny. Sometimes annoying.
I responded with 'yes, everyone has their moments'. 
She inquired as to what I meant by that.
I was, then, able to explain to her about moments and that people can experience negative feelings and moments and sometimes positive ones too. 
Our lives are made up of many moments, good and bad - we need to let every moment be meaningful and live every moment with purpose, positivity and gusto!
Enjoy the journey.

** freshness.
We are going into a new week. I love the idea of a new page, a somewhat fresh start.
Tomorrow is fresh; with no mistakes in it.
As heard in Anne of Green of my all-time fave movies :-)


Well, take care lovelies.
Enjoy the week ahead.

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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