Here I Stand Right Now #8...

10:29 PM

Hi peeps!
I have been away most of this week so I haven't been as avid taking 'where I stand' photos.
I have also been snapping away with the #hscapturelife photo month that Heidi has running for this month of August!
So, today I thought that I would show you where I stood TODAY and a few photos that were captured throughout the day.
I was reunited with my tribe today - haven't seen them since Tuesday morning so it was lovely to hang out with them again.

So here is where I stood today...

on the beach with my fam!
And it was so awesome, and pretty, relaxing and calming.

 We then walked along the beach and stopped by the playground.
Mr Awesome snapped some piccies of myself and the kiddies playing.
I'm so glad he did!!

 It was just such a beautiful day today.
I love the beach - it always calms me and clears my head.
I feel so fresh and alive!

How has your day been?

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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