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Welcome to another week of...

1. These are some ways in which you can improve your life in 15 minute increments!

2. Are you a traveller but struggle with packing?? Struggle NO MORE >> The Ultimate Female Travel Packing Lists for EVERYWHERE awaits!!

3. Always keen for some good bug-get-rid-of-ers ;-) >> here are some non-toxic ways in which you can do that!

4. For anyone who wishes to live with less but struggles with starting on the road to simplicity, here are some questions that may help in beginning your minimalistic journey.

5. THIS POST just made me wanna travel my own country more. There is still so much I haven't seen of my beloved Aus!
I like the saying 'strangers are friends you just haven't met yet'!

And that's that for this week! 
Enjoy and take care :-)

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