Here I Stand Right Now #6...

8:19 PM

Take a view from the top at my life this week...

Sunday 26th July
Getting ingredients ready for tomorrow's Chefs Toolbox demonstration here at my home.

Monday 27th July
With my Mum and sis heading to school pickup - it's their last full day here with us but I'm thankful for the time we've had!

Tuesday 28th July
Airport bathroom. About to say goodbye to Mum and sis ;-(

Wednesday 29th July
Our big girl put herself to bed this arvo and zonked it!
#sickgirl #flubug

Thursday 30th July
Got dinner cooking...

Friday 31st July
How to get outta the car has me puddled ;-)

Saturday 1st August (today)
Feeling rather peeved right about now...
my laptop chucked a hissy fit and I have potentially lost a whole afternoon's worth of work!!


I wish I could have ended on a more positive note BUT some days are just one of those days where things go BLAH really quickly!
At least I'm keeping it real hey!?! hehe

Take care.
Seeya again soon!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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