Here I Stand Right Now #7...

11:08 PM

So...not all weeks are particularly rivoting.
I feel like life has been rather mundane on the homefront lately, with sickness to-and-fro-ing between my two kids and this week, my own health succumbing to the flu pit!
Seriously...I had no idea that eyelashes could ache. I do now!!
Here is my week in photos...from where I stand.

^^Sunday 2nd August
Standing in my little creative pozzie amidst my creative mess and pretty stuff.

^^Monday 3rd August
Howards At Home party at my neighbour's house and this kid found her entertainment of choice -- a Leapster game. Kept her busy the whole time!

^^Tuesday 4th August
Creative couch time #hsmemorydex #photoediting #thevoicecatchup

^^Wednesday 5th August
Dosed up on Nurofen Zavance and getting some sunshine whilst waiting for kids to come outta school.

^^Thursday 6th August
Housework is mounting up! Laundry never stops. This is why I can't afford to get sick!

^^Friday 7th August
Chefs Toolbox orders have arrived from my demo I had the other week!

^^Saturday 8th August (today)
They have no idea what they are doing...all part of the adventure though hey!?! ;-)


I have a big week ahead! Lots going on.
Hoping the sick bugs stay well away!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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