My Soul Sings #10...

12:01 AM

This week I am grateful for...

** Safe travels. I've been away for a week for appointments and such and everything has gone quite well - apart from the anxiety attack when we hit the city, oh, and the growth being cut off my uvula, and the camera probe stuffed down my nostrils, and now on meds for chronic sinusitis...but I'm alive. And I'm grateful for that ;-) LOL!
I've actually had a really enjoyable week.

** A night away with my husband, at the...Parmelia Hilton!!! 
He has surely spoilt me.

** To watch Pitch Perfect again! Gosh I love that movie!

** RETAIL THERAPY! who doesn't really!?! hehe

** The chance to have some me-time, some self-reflection, basically just some time to actually think properly, no other voices in my head for abit. Ya know what I mean!?

** My girls being able to have some quality time with their Grandma and Grandad.

** Finding the cutest, yummiest Greek restaurant - thanks to the keen eye of J-babe who gave me a ride to Perth. Eight or so hours in the car and we deserved that awesome meal - that food really did make an impression on me. Can't stop thinking about it! hahaha

** I am just grateful for this week really - I am blessed.

What are you grateful for??

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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  1. Oh wow girl I hope you are ok! Sending big hugs from here! Other than those your list looks amazing, i always love reading them.


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