My Soul Sings #11...

10:44 PM

Today I am grateful for...

** being a part of the ambulance team here in my local area.

** celebrating my husband's birthday today. Thirty-five years young :-)

** a bike ride. Short but sweet. I love the fresh air on my face.

** the chance to relax and have a good laugh!

** the fact that I had PawPaw ointment in my cupboard. Little K burnt her finger on a sparkler tonight and she screamed the house down. Thankfully the ointment did the trick and took the burny bite away so she could sleep. Phew!

** Skype. Talked to my fam in Tassie and Mt Isa today. Always good to catch up.

** being Aussie. I do love this land and the way we talk - the Aussie lingo really is so entertaining and amusing.
This video cracks me up...

** for the possibilities a new week can bring.

What are you grateful for??

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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