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10:57 AM

Let me tell you about something really fun. About three years ago, I went to Melbourne to the Quilt & Craft Fair with my Mum and one of my sisters. It was here that I found Giggle Buttons. I love them. It is a great little Australian company who sell a combination of gorgeous stitchery patterns and cute little buttons that can go with them. They also sell packs that give you the coordinating buttons with the pattern.
I hadn't looked them up for ages so the other week I did. I found out that they have just come under new ownership by two ladies who are just as passionate about stitching and Giggle buttons as the previous owners! I also found that they have a Giggle Club which I signed up for. There is five mailouts per year and it costs $20 per mailout and you get a new stitchery pattern with the buttons that no one else has seen yet. Groovy huh? You can check out there shop site and find out more about Giggle Club here. Kez & Elisa (the new owners) also have a blog which you can find here. Above is the June mailout of the Giggle Club pattern & buttons that I received in the mail this week. I was so thrilled to receive it and can't wait to get stuck into it but I need to be patient and try and finish the projects that I have already started.

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