June 10th Snapshots...

3:57 PM

The first snapshot for today is of our little kitten, Oscar. He is such a funny little thing. When I open the door to give him his food, he races in and laces around your legs then shoots to the food bowl as soon as he hears the food hit it. He particularly loves milk. He will drink that like his life depends on it! Jarrah loves him!
Speaking of my daughter, the next shot is of her and her love for shoes. Definitely a true girl here! She just loves putting on shoes. Every day the shoes at the door end up in every which direction of the lounge room after a shoe-trying-on session by Jarrah (as you can see, so do the toys. Sorry about the mess but it is like this every day and I have learnt not to clean it up during the day because it will only become messy again within minutes. I clean it up when Jarrah goes down to bed for the night, ready for a new mess the next day!) Here Jarrah has on a pair of my shoes which she was dancing to the music on telly in and nearly falling over in the process. She is such a delight!
And there was a lot of things that made me excited and happy yesterday and I couldn't fit it all into yesterday's post so I'll tell you today since I'm just as excited about it. I won a prize for the poem I wrote for Jodie and her Sweet Vintage embellishments. I didn't win the $50 voucher but she liked my poem so much that she is sending me something in the mail for it. I am so excited and totally thrilled that something of mine has been recognised! It's a great feeling! And I get something from Jodie which is even greater!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


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