June 9th Snapshot...

7:14 PM

I bake our own bread. I love knowing what is in the bread because I put it in there. And it is even yummier than store bought I reckon.
Another thing that made me very happy today was receiving a package in the mail with this vintage style jewellery box in it. I am really into owls (and also Russian dolls) at the moment and thought this was very cute. It will come in very handy to store some items in my craft room. I bought this off Etsy from Katadrian.
Something else that made me happy today was when I found out that I had lost .6 of a kg. Doesn't sound like much but anything is good with my condition (that will have to be another blog post where I explain what I mean by that). A few of the women around these parts are getting together every Monday and Wednesday mornings to do some workouts as part of our Biggest Loser quest. So between this and netball training/games I should be fitter and weigh a little less I hope!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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