June 8th Snapshot...

5:45 PM

The first of today's snapshots is last night's tea that I cooked. It was pasta with a creamy pumpkin sauce. And I thought we needed some greens in our meal so I cooked up some broccoli and presented it like this: I was very proud of my creation. And it tasted awesome!
Jason set up our printer last night and today I used it to print out a pattern for a stationery folder that is designed by Melissa Goodsell over at http://melissagoodsell.typepad.com/day_to_day/
You can find her free tutorial over at her blog and follow the links. It is featured at Quilt Fabric Delights and you can purchase the fabrics she uses at their site or pick your own that suit you best. I love it - it will come in very handy to make for storing my postcards and writing gear that I use for postcrossing and stuff.
Are you a postcrosser? You should be. It's fun.

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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  1. Your pasta dish looks delicious Anna... Thanks for the link for the stationery folder, off to check it out now...

  2. Tea looked yummy, we had roast lamb, your potato salad, roast carrot and Kent pumpkin, followed by apple crumble and home made icecream.


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