Snapshots of June 7th...

4:59 PM

My daughter, Jarrah, goes to bed around lunch time every day. So when she goes down for a nap, I potter around doing things that I need or want to get done - the washing up, some laundry, some craft, watch some telly. Today, I popped on the DVD 'Love Actually'. I really enjoy this movie eventhough there are some crude bits and a bit of swearing. It is just a great movie with some great love stories. And I love Love. And a good laugh of course!
Whilst watching this movie, I had lunch and then I completed the second sock/slipper I am making for a mate of ours as a farewell gift. Obviously I have to stitch them together yet, but it is a great feeling when you finish something. I'm sure you agree!
With Sprinkles of Sunshine,

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