Snapshots of June 14th...

4:11 PM

I apologise in advance for the blurriness of these photos. They are taken under fluorescent lighting with my mobile and therefore lack some quality. Well, the first photo is of my most recent postcards I have received from postcrossing. I call it 'The Love Line'. The third one along is my most favourite at the moment. It is from Moscow, Russia - I just love pictures of buildings, especially old ones. They are so elegant. I put this up in my dining area last night so that we can admire all the postcards I get from week to week. A couple of weeks ago I finger-knitted some wool and decided to use it as my Love Line. I'm lovin' it!
Tonight, I started getting back into my crocheting. I am a crochet novice so don't expect really great things from me in this area just yet. I will do another posting some other time about what I am doing with these granny squares and the progress.
Yesterday, I did promise some photos of what I got up to at the craft day. Every second Sunday, a group of ladies get together at the hall here in the community where I live and we do whatever craft we want to do. It's a good chance to get some WIP's done or just that little bit closer to completion. I couldn't manage to get decent enough photos of what I did so I will tell you and try and post pictures of them completed at a later date.
I started doing some crochet, then I pulled out some old pillow cases I got from an op shop in town and cut out as lining for a kids skirt I wanna make. I may give it to Jarrah or I might put it in the baby gift stash.
The third thing I did was cut some fabric into 6 strips about 1cm wide. I then made two plaited strips which I will attach each end to elastic to make a plaited fabric headband. It's easier to see what I mean through photos so come back again at a later date to check out the finished result.

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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