June 12 + 13 Snapshots...

4:46 PM

Whoops. I am a day behind but I figure that I am going to miss a day here and there. I am going to post some photos from yesterday. I haven't actually taken any for today but I wanted to share these couple of photos.
We travelled an hour and 3/4 so I could play netball. Our team won which was great. I played Goal Keeper. On the way back we stopped for a loo break and let Jarrah out for a play at the park. She just loves running around in the great outdoors!I thought this shot looked pretty clever. I was sitting on one of those see-saw horse thingys and the sun was in a great position behind me to make it look like I'm actually on a horse. Giddy-up! Haha!
I love days spent with my man and little Sprout! And it was just a beautiful sunny day which made it so much more relaxing and fun. Tomorrow, I will try and post some photos of what I got up to at craft day today.
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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