June 15 &16 Snapshots...

9:14 PM

Well, again, I am posting some pics for yesterday and today.Yesterday Jason, Jarrah and myself went into town for the day. We didn't get back home until close to 9pm. The first pic here is of a purchase I made in town. I decided to buy a book about crochet so I can expand my knowledge and skill in this area beyond granny squares. I also began choosing colourful fabrics for the stationery folder I want to make that I mentioned in an earlier post which was designed by Melissa Goodsell from One Crafty Mumma blog. I am really keen to make this as it will be very handy.We had quite a few packages in the mail waiting for us when we got back home. I managed to open a few before going to bed but left the rest until today. I am glad that I waited until today because I either would have been too tired to completely appreciate the goodies I received or I would have been so excited that sleep would not have come so easily. Anyway, the next photo reveals a message inside the book I have been aching to get and feast my eyes upon the gorgeous stitcheries and projects inside that I can make!
Yes, it's 'Pieces of Me' by Janelle Wind. This truly made my day. I was so happy to hold this delightful book in my eager hands. Can't wait to get a stitchin'!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

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